CEO's Message

Eng. Tariq Al Amri

Chief Executive Officer

be’'ah'’s purpose is quite straightforward and it is to move Oman towards sustainable waste management
practices. Our passion is clearly articulated and defined by our vision, which is ‘to conserve the
environment of our beautiful Oman for future generations’. Our success is dependent on our ability to share this passion with all of our stakeholders including communities throughout the country and establish a positive engagement with them. Reaching out across our beautiful Oman will enable us to adopt more effective waste management practices and behavior. 

Solid waste management is a global challenge for authorities in all countries including ours. These challenges are due to the increasing waste generation, the high costs associated with its management, its impact on countries’ financial resources, the lack of awareness regarding waste management best practices, which affects the efficiency of waste operations and management. In Oman, we generate approximately 2 million tons of waste every year, an average of 1.2 kg per person every day. Our strategy is inspired by our vision and defined by our goal to overcome every challenge that the country is facing in the waste management field. We have implemented our plans and designed our services in extremely challenging circumstances stemming from the prevailing economic situation, lack of effective policies, and the absence of legislation and regulatory framework. As a result, we adopted a phase approach strategy in order to achieve these goals. Meanwhile, there is a strong collaboration with all concerned government authorities
to take this sector to be world class one. The current economic difficulties have caused delay to the rollout of some elements in our plan, but I strongly believe that we will achieve all of our goals with the support of our stakeholders in the government, the industry and the wider community. Commitment to success achieve our mission, we have set a clear objective: to deliver a world-class integrated waste management system. We are competent to do so by working collaboratively with various governmental entities, carrying out streamlining processes, utilizing most efficient technologies, building passionate talent, and partnering up with best players in the field. Being 100% committed to our end goal is also key in achieving our mission.
In terms of controlling the damage caused by legacy practices, be'’ah closed down over 200 traditional dumpsites across the Sultanate, which had been a source of environmental and adverse health effects and a cause of community discontent.
The strategy for developing the Municipal Solid Waste sector involves setting up infrastructure and
services in all governorates across the country to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 waste management service. This includes outsourcing 10 contracts to cover all governorates, establishing 10 landfills and up to 18-25 transfer stations. We are currently operating in all governorates and our services are now covering every household in Oman. The Hazardous Waste segment has also witnessed substantial transformation. Our waste treatment services for the healthcare sector have expanded to cover almost all waste generated in all governmental and private hospitals, and private clinics using a network of 3 treatment facilities with 2 different technologies and an efficient collection and transportation system. We are currently treating industrial hazardous waste, which is also poised for major transformation with the establishment of Integrated Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities that shall bring a sustainable solution for the treatment of industrial hazardous waste and provide the required support for our industrial sector. Our strategy of treating this type of waste involves setting up an industrial waste treatment facility in North Al Batinah and in Al Duqm. It also involves commercialization of the industrial waste services by outsourcing the operations of facilities and supporting Small and Medium Enterprises for the collection and transportation of industrial waste. Our waste diversion strategy aims at achieving 60% diversion of generated waste from landfills by 2020 and 80% by 2030. To achieve this goal, be'’ah is pursuing many plans that focus on reducing the waste generated, introducing and developing the recycle and reuse of many types of waste streams, and recovering lost value in waste through several projects, such as waste to energy and waste to steam projects. We have completed our feasibility study for the waste to energy project and signed a memorandum of understanding with PDO for the development of waste to steam project for the application
of enhanced oil recovery. In 2017, we introduced a Private Sector Investment; the lead acid batteries recycling plant in Ruysal Industrial Area, and we are working on developing the collection system for lead acid batteries. We are also working on developing the recycling systems for construction & demolition waste, and end of life tires. In addition, we are working with some private investors in developing plastic and other types of waste recycling activities.

The numerous success stories and lessons gained since 2007 have strengthened our deep connections with all our stakeholders including the community. We have reached over 17,000 students in 2017 alone through various awareness programs. We have also initiated a training program to develop young Omani talent as part of our commitment to society. Internally, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. We continue to invest in our in-house capability and in assessing alternative sustainable policies and initiatives to meet our goals in a timely and robust fashion. Our people remain at the core of our business and we will ensure that they remain on the cutting-edge, by offering excellent professional and technical training to them.

Guided By Our Values

Sustainability is about tipping the right balance. Businesses and economies are at risk if our performance
falters. At be'’ah, we have the opportunity to mitigate those risks by leading the change and positively affecting our communities, country and the world. To ensure our goals are achieved, it is important that we approach sustainability not as a tactic or a single objective, but as a manner of thinking about systems and processes, uncovering more efficient and innovative ways of handling issues and looking at the future landscape and markets for opportunities. Our job is never easy, but always rewarding. 

With a bright future ahead, and under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, we are ready to safeguard this beautiful nation and our beautiful planet.