Al-Dhakiliyah Governorate is the third in line for Waste Management Sector Takeover

Al-Dhakiliyah, Nizwa- As part of be'’ah’s preparations for its third waste management sector takeover in Al-Dhakiliyah Governorate; the executive management at be'’ah had a meeting with H.E. Sheikh Dr. Khalifa Bin Hamad Bin Hilal Al Sa’adi, Governor of Al-Dhakiliyah, and members of Shura and Municipal Councils.

During which, Eng. Tariq Ali Al-Amri, CEO of be’'ah presented be'’ah’s strategy for waste management after the sector takeover from Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) in May 2016. The strategy presented by Eng. Tariq Al-Amri is in line with the Royal Decree 49/2009 and the international environmental standards.
Later, Mr Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sabahi, Head of Municipal Solid Waste Planning at be'’ah, presented be'’ah’s role in further details and the approximate timelines of waste management operations in Al-Dhakiliyah Governorate and the gradual transfer of the sector from MRMWR to be'’ah. Al-Sabahi also clarified the role of the international operating company in the region; “West Coast Saubermacher” which is consortium of multiple international and local companies where the technical operation is lead by Saubermacher. In addition to the regular service of cleaning the containers, the operator’s role starts from cleaning the radius of 20 meters around the waste containers, including the transportation of waste to the engineered landfill in Izz. Al-Sabahi, also emphasized on the importance of community outreach and environmental education and awareness.
Moreover, the Austrian company “Saubermacher” has experience of 37 years in waste management field. And it serves 3 million inhabitants each year in five different countries in Europe.
The company finally presented its’ new equipment from containers to vehicles which are going to be used during the service provision.
It is necessary to mention that the waste management infrastructure in Al-Dhakiliyah Governorate includes an engineered landfill in Wilayat Izz and 6 transfer stations in BidBid, Samail, Bahla, Izki, and Nizwa.
About be’'ah- Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C “be'’ah” was established in 2007. In 2009, Royal Decree No. 46/2009, granted be’ah the mandate and the legal status as the entity responsible for solid waste management in the Sultanate of Oman. be'’ah strives towards a vision to conserve the environment of a beautiful Oman for future generations. be’'ah’s main objectives are to control environmental damage incurred during traditional waste dumping processes; structure the waste sector and its related services in a sustainable manner; develop the industry; and support the economy.