Terms and Conditions

 Please Note:

1.         About us

1.1.      be’ah details. Oman Environmental Services Holding Company SAOC (CR number 1022384) (be’ah, we and us), is the company entrusted with the management and operation of the waste sector in the Sultanate of Oman under Royal Decree (46/2009) and our registered office is at PO Box 1188, Postal Code 130, Bousher, Muscat. We operate the website www.beah.om.

1.2.      Contracting us. To contact us telephone our customer service team at [1881] or email [iw@beah.om].

2.         Our contract with you

2.1.      Our contract. These are the terms and conditions (Terms) which states your responsibilities to be’ah as Waste Generator (Waste Generator or WG). Where be’ah will receive and treat the waste, and the WG is ultimately released of any responsibilities relating to the waste as long as all conditions are met and the waste generator has fully paid the fee(s) associated with the full treatment of the waste described in the Terms.

2.2.      The waste classification will be conducted according to be’ah waste classification guidelines.

2.3.      You are obliged to fill in the details required on the manifest, in order to identify you and to enable tracking of the waste streams. This relates both to your details and information about the waste. You are responsible for the correct data to be entered.

2.4.      Language. These Terms and the Contract are made only in the English language.

2.5.      Your copy. You should print a copy of these Terms or save them to your computer for future reference.

3.         Obligations of the WG

3.1.      The packaging must be in accordance with Oman environmental regulations, and as a minimum must all hazardous waste shall be packed in UN approved containers unless anything else is clearly agreed upon by be’ah.

3.2.      The manifest number must be clearly visible on all packaging / containers by means of a label.

3.3.      The correct label must be clearly visible on packaged waste.

3.4.      The WG must take all the necessary measures not to subject any individual to any of the risks associated with the handling of the waste.

3.5.      Weight of the waste must be identified/estimated on the manifest, however, the weight will be captured by be’ah when entering the Industrial Waste Treatment Facility (IWTF) The weight registered at be’ah’ s facility is considered as the amount of waste for treatment.

3.6.      Each batch of waste shall have one manifest.

3.7.      All mandatory fields must be filled.

3.7.1.    The manifest document shall be printed into 3 copies (a copy to the following: Waste Generator, transporter & be’ah).


3.8.      The manifest document shall have all three parties’ signature & stamp at the end of the cycle and that is when arriving at the Industrial Waste Treatment Facility of be’ah.

3.9.      The manifest document shall be retained for a period not less than 5 years.

3.9.1.    The Waste Generator will be informed about the packaging & labelling instructions that need to be followed and shall adhere to these instructions.


3.9.2.    In some cases, there might be a requirement upon the Waste Generator to conduct analysis on the waste before transporting it to the IWTF, in other cases the waste shall be kept in a quarantine area at be’ah’s facility until a sample is analysed. In either case, the necessity of those requirements mentioned in this sub-clause herein will be decided solely by be’ah. The cost of the analysis will be borne by the Waste Generator.


3.9.3.    The analysis mentioned in the previous sub-clause will be conducted and evaluated according to be’ah’s waste classification guidelines.


3.9.4.    The intensity of analysis can be change based on the consistency of the results the same waste type. This will be decided solely by be’ah.


3.10.     In case of any non-conformances observed or wrong information given on the waste, packaging or labelling, the waste generator will be notified and extra charges will be applied.

3.10.1.  The weight captured at the IWTF by be’ah is always considered as the weight received for treatment.


3.10.2.  The hazardous Waste transporter shall be certified by the relevant Competent Authority and accepted by be’ah.


3.11.     The waste ownership and liability will be under the waste generator until it is received at the treatment facility and checked for conformance.

3.12.     In case of any rejection due to non-conformance, the WG shall be responsible and has to ensure that the waste is returned to the WG facility.

4.         Transport

4.1.      The waste must only be transported by a person that holds the appropriate licenses and approvals for transporting hazardous waste. The carrier to be picked from the list in the manifest form. The payment for transport must be settled in full by the WG.


5.         Payment

5.1.      The treatment fee will be calculated by be’ah waste evaluator, and is non-negotiable. Besides the treatment fee, there might be additional fees for analyses and / or pretreatments and handling.

5.2.      Once the waste is accepted and the agreed fee is paid in full, there will be no further costs for the WG unless stated otherwise.

5.3.      The Waste Generator shall pay be’ah for the Waste delivered on monthly basis. Payment is due within 30 day from date of invoice.

5.4.      The minimum fee for waste going for landfill or solidification is equal to the disposal fee of 1 ton.

5.5.      The minimum fee for waste going for other treatment than the above is equal to the treatment fee of 1 ton.

5.5.1.    In the case of failure of the Waste Generator to make the payment within the time period stipulated in paragraph (5.2.1) of this Sub-clause, be’ah shall impose a penalty of half percent (0.5%) per day for each day of delay and subject to a maximum of ten percent (10 %) of unpaid fees.


6.         Communications between us

6.1.      When we refer to "in writing" in these Terms, this includes email.

6.2.      Any notice or other communication given by one of us to the other under or in connection with the Contract must be in writing and be delivered personally, sent by pre-paid first class post or other next working day delivery service, or email.

6.3.      A notice or other communication is deemed to have been received:

7.         General

7.1.      Assignment and transfer.

7.1.1.    We may assign or transfer our rights and obligations under the Contract to another entity (entity meaning: Person, business or other legal entity).

7.1.2.    You may only assign or transfer your rights or your obligations under the Contract to another entity if we agree in writing.

7.2.      Severance. Each paragraph of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them is unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

7.3.      Third party rights. The Contract is between you and us. No other person has any rights to enforce any of its terms.

7.4.      Governing law and jurisdiction. This Contract is governed by Oman law and each party irrevocably agrees to submit all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Contract to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Omani courts.