Waste to Energy to Water Project

The waste to energy to water plant is designed to treat around 2,200 tonnes per day of MSW from the Muscat and South Al Batinah catchment area which otherwise will go to landfills and occupy the space. The plant will thermally treat the waste to generate steam which will turn a steam turbine to generate electricity. The generated electricity is used to run a desalination plant which will generate around 75 million cubic meter of potable waste per annum. The conventional fuel used for operating desalination plants in Oman is gas and production of water from thermal treatment of waste will help reduce Oman’s dependence on gas for water production

The saved gas can be exported and will be additional revenue for the Sultanate. Moreover, Oman has signed the Paris Agreement to reduce overall carbon emission from the country by 2030. The waste to energy to water plant will contribute significantly to Oman’s commitment and being the first of its kind concept, the plant will increase the country’s green reputation.

Oct 25, 2016