Healthcare Waste
In order to achieve the safe disposal of healthcare waste, be'ah has set up exclusive facilities that cater to the specific requirements for safe disposal. These include the Sultanate’s first autoclave centre and other incineration facilities which is used to treat and safely dispose all healthcare waste.  Healthcare waste is waste generated at healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, dental practices, blood banks and veterinary premises, as well as medical research facilities and laboratories. These include potentially infectious materials posing a significant risk of transmitting infection.

The healthcare waste treatment facilities are those designed specifically to address the harmful and infectious aspect of the waste. These treatment facilities also include incineration and autoclave facilities. Incineration facilities are used to dispose the waste completely by burning it and the autoclaves are machines that sterilize the waste to render it harmless. These treatment centers combined with disposal facilities create an integrated structure of healthcare waste treatment facilities.

The healthcare waste infrastructure includes some operational facilities and new treatment facilities being set up in remote locations.
  • Al- Multqa Healthcare waste treatment facility- Operational
  • Liwa Healthcare waste treatment facility- Operational
  • Thumrait Healthcare waste treatment facility- Operational