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ECO-Innovate Oman Accelerator Program (EiO)

What is Eco-Innovate Oman Accelerator Program (EiO)?

  • It is a business accelerator program helping Omani startups and early-stage startups bring their eco-conscious, sustainable business ideas to life.

  • The heart of EiO is a green business boot camp for startups  that are committed to fighting climate change through the use of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles which maximize financial returns.

  • All of the countries in the world are moving towards having  green economies.  Oman is no exception. The government of Oman has the national priority of Net Zero 2050. Local  companies are including sustainability in their tendering decisions. Investors are seeking startups with innovative green business ideas supporting the global battle against climate change.

  • EiO will support Omani startups in joining this global entrepreneurial movement. As we like to say,  “think globally, act locally”.

What are the goals of EiO?

  • Supporting Omani Startups: The program aims to support startups and early-stage startups by providing them with resources and guidance to fine-tune their business structures and strategies and accelerate their growth.
  • Increasing Competitiveness: EiO startups learn to compete through training and coaching in best international practices in business formation, strategy development, financial modeling, and managerial control. All of which is focused on the bottom line of creating financial returns through sustainable business practices.
  • Operationalize ESG principles (Environmental, Social, and Governance): The startups in EiO all learn how the use of ESG is a competitive advantage for their new businesses. This is a state-of-the-art approach that aligns with global best practices from sustainable entrepreneurs.
  • Encouraging Innovation: The program encourages SMEs to innovate by seeking out and implementing novel ideas and technologies that support sustainable business practices.
  • Promoting Green Business Solutions: EiO trains new Omani startups to early-stage adopt environmentally friendly business practices, helping them contribute to the fight against climate change.

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